End of Term 4 Newsletter 2016

TERM 4 will finish on Sunday 11th December 2016

We warmly welcome all VLDA students back to this exciting term which will culminate in our spectacular end of year production of “Celebration”! VLDA is 10 years old and we will celebrate this milestone in our Celebration concert at Glen Street Theatre in Belrose:
Manly Concert day VLDA Saturday 10 December. Shows at 1.00pm and 5.00pm
St Ives Concert day VLDA Sunday 11 December. Shows at 1.00pm and 5.00pm

JUNIOR BALLET EXAMS for our Pre Primary – Grade 3 students:
A total of 115 VLDA Junior Ballet exam students enrolled this year and did their exams at VLDA on 21-23 October.
The Cecchetti ballet examiner Mrs Robyn Ross commented on how beautifully prepared the students were and we look forward to receiving their reports shortly.

SENIOR BALLET EXAMS for our Grade 4- Intermediate students:
In both the April and September Cecchetti exam sessions held at the Chatswood Concourse Theatre, VLDA students were examined with some outstanding results. All 37 Senior VLDA Ballet exam students in Grades 4, 5, 6 and Intermediate successfully passed their exam with:
29 students receiving HONOURS (4 of whom received 100/100)
4 students receiving HIGHLY COMMENDED
2 students receiving COMMENDED
2 students receiving CREDIT
We congratulate all our students and their committed teachers for the successful senior exam sessions.

We are delighted that 3 VLDA students were awarded the prestigious NSW Cecchetti Scholarships! These students received the highest marks in NSW for their exam and won three of the 4 Scholarships offered!
They receive prize money from Cecchetti Ballet NSW that goes towards their continued tuition at VLDA.
In addition, 5 VLDA students received “Honourable Mentions” for their outstanding exam performances.
Congratulations therefore go to:

2016 NSW Cecchetti Scholarship
Grade 4 Ballet, Maya Green (St Ives studio)
Grade 5 Ballet, Rachel Ainsworth (Manly studio)
Intermediate Ballet, Laura Van Loon (Manly studio)

2016 NSW Cecchetti Scholarship ‘Honourable mention’
Grade 4 Ballet, Emma Gordon (St Ives studio)
Grade 4 Ballet, Emily Deakin (Manly studio)
Grade 6 Ballet, Megan Buson (St Ives studio)
Grade 6 Ballet Andra Leung (St Ives studio)
Grade 6 Ballet Brigitte Leung (St Ives studio)

VLDA is very proud of these achievements…getting the top marks in the state for Grade 4 5, 6 and Intermediate ballet!

Early this term 8 VLDA students did extremely well in the Ballet Australasia Tap exams.
Congratulations therefore go to:
Grade 5 Tap
Jessica Bridgland: Honours with distinction (Manly studio)
Laura Van Loon: Honours (Manly studio)
Grade 3 Tap
Mary Beattie, Honours with distinction (St Ives studio)
Rebecca Samuels, Honours with distinction (St Ives studio)
Georgia Smith, Honours with distinction (Manly studio)
Lilli Hassanein, Honours with distinction (Manly studio)
Matilda Bridgland, Honours with distinction (Manly studio)
Cleo Lovell, Honours with distinction (Manly studio)

These exams students were beautifully prepared by VLDA’s wonderful and expert Tap dance teacher, Ms Liz Pike a BAL examiner herself!

Approximately 250 students aged 9-13 from all over Australia are in this program. Students audition and are selected if showing a natural facility and aptitude for a professional ballet career and potential inclusion in the Australian Ballet School full-time program later on. We are delighted that 5 VLDA students are currently in this program.
Laura Van Loon (Intermediate, Manly) and Megan Buson (Grade 6, St Ives) enjoy the ABS ITP Level 3 program and 3 other VLDA students join them this year after successfully auditioning for the ABS ITP program.

Jai Fauchon and Rachel Ainsworth (Grade 5, Manly) and Martin Cohen (Grade 2, St Ives) successfully auditioned mid-year. They will enjoy this enriching and complimentary program to their study of ballet at VLDA. They will attend classes at the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne during the school holidays and have access to the School throughout the year.

Another great season for VLDA! We had 4 eisteddfod groups performing this season giving ample opportunity for our talented students in Ballet to shine on the competitive stage. We had two 10&U and 12&U Classical Ballet groups (Manly and St Ives) who competed at 5 Sydney wide eisteddfods.

Congratulations go to all with special mention to:
Manly 10&U Ballet group which won a Second place at the St George Eisteddfod and a Highly Commended at Extreme Eisteddfod.
St Ives 10&U Ballet group which won a Highly Commended award at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod
Manly 12&U Ballet group which won First place at the St George Eisteddfod, Highly Commended at the Sydney Eisteddfod and Highly Commended at the Ryde Eisteddfod

VLDA eisteddfod soloists in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap all did very well with all being placed in various Sydney wide dance eisteddfods and many receiving coveted first and second and third place trophies!! This is a wonderful achievement for our school and puts us in the spot light.

Of special mention are two major prize winners:
Rachel Ainsworth at the Ultimate Dance Challenge Eisteddfod: Junior Scholarship, 2nd place getter: $200.
Laura Van Loon at The Sydney Eisteddfod: Finalist – The Wenkhart Foundation 14&U Classical section and Third Place – The Robert & Elizabeth Albert Dance Championship 14&U: $100
The 2017 eisteddfod season will be an exciting one for VLDA as we will have a total of 8 eisteddfod groups competing in Ballet, Lyrical Contemporary and Jazz sections in the categories 10&U, 12&U and 14&U!

It will certainly be a busy term as concert choreographies are perfected and much organisation is done. No concert comes together without the generous support of parents who help in various ways. Contributions from all parents to the concerts in big or small ways make for an enjoyable experience for all so we need your help.

PLEASE CONTACT JESSICA 0402 312 543 or to volunteer for the following:

SEWING: We need sewers now given all costumes must be ready for our photo shoots 26-27 November. We have all the costumes pretty well sorted this year which is great! However, machine sewers and hand sewers will be most welcome to help with a few additions and alterations that need to be made here and there.

BACK STAGE HELP ON CONCERT DAY: we will need parents to help monitor the students backstage on concert day. For the majority of students, who perform in 2 shows on concert day this would mean their parents could help backstage at one show and watch the next. We can only have 3 class Mums per class as class carers backstage! Do contact Miss Jessica asap if you would like to be put on the backstage team and be a class helper for your child’s class.
PRE SCHOOL BALLET, PRE PRIMARY and PRIMARY BALLET students ONLY perform in ONE SHOW ONLY on concert day (as per the concert allocation chart). All mums helping backstage with these groups may quietly watch their child perform from the stage wings.
For mums helping backstage, no ticket need be purchased. However, please be aware that parents choosing to watch from the audience who have children performing in one show only must be very prompt in buying their concert tickets to avoid missing out….our concerts do sell out! Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 15th November..

DRESS REHEARSAL & PHOTO SHOOT HELP: supervision of the children is required for these events. Please consider putting in about one hour of your time for either of these days to help with one shift. Your child will be required for about one hour on both these days…. for their dance rehearsal shift and their individual and class photo shift so do volunteer to be there for the time your child is there if possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

RAFFLE HAMPER DONATIONS & SELLING RAFFLE TICKETS: to help with production costs VLDA has an annual concert raffle. Any items are welcome from bottles of wine, gourmet products and other yummy stuff to vouchers, toys and miscellaneous items. Anything can go in our concert raffle hampers! Items should be handed to our teaching staff anytime this term. Each VLDA family should please contribute to this effort. Many thanks.
Raffle ticket sellers will be required to sell tickets in the theatre foyer on concert day. If you can help in this capacity do volunteer to sell some raffle tickets before the concert you watch and during the interval of the show you watch on concert day. We look forward to hearing from you.
VLDA has a tradition of having a wonderful parent body who help and rally to the task each year! So thank you in advance for any help big or small you can give us at this busy time! It is certainly a fun term and one the students really love with lasting memories of their time dancing in a professional theatre. We will be having 2 concerts on each concert day: Manly on Saturday 10th December and St Ives on 11th December at Glen Street Theatre in Belrose.

Please let us know immediately whether any students will be absent for the photo shoot, dress rehearsal or concerts. This will help us confirm cast numbers and costumes etc.

WEEKLY CLASS ATTENDANCE is expected from every student in the lead up to the concert. All students and choreographers are dependent on one another for spacing and timing in the creation and rehearsal process. Even when sick we expect our performers to watch if they are able to. Please give Miss Jessica or Mr Mike written notice in good time if any absences (such as school camps etc) are anticipated. We thank you in advance your for support and understanding.

(a) PHOTO SHOOT – compulsory
MANLY: Saturday 26th November, 12.00-6.00pm (shifts) at St Matthews Church, Manly
ST IVES: Sunday 27th November, 12.00-6.00pm (shifts) at 27 College Crescent, St Ives
A detailed schedule will come out soon with shifts indicating required arrival, expected start and approximate finish times (usually one hour shifts: your child comes for one hour usually to be photographed with their class group). Teaching staff and parent volunteers on the roster only will be on hand to assist the children. Please understand that space is very limited. This event is well worth the effort with the fabulous photos produced giving lasting memories. Attendance is compulsory. Both class photos and individual shots will be taken (optional purchase). Class \
Photos will also be used in the Concert Day printed programs
Please note: NO photography is allowed at any of our studio and concert venues. Please respect the privacy of students and parents and honour the work of the professional photographer engaged to photograph on the day.

(b) DRESS REHEARSAL – compulsory
MANLY: Saturday 3rd December, 12.00-6.00pm (shifts) at St Matthews Church, Manly
ST IVES: Sunday 4th December, 12.00-6.00pm (shifts) at 27 College Crescent, St Ives
This is compulsory for all students…except NOT all Pre-school Ballet, Pre Primary or Primary ballet students will be called to the Dress rehearsal but only the classes we select as we rehearse with ONE cast only on Dress Rehearsal Day.
A detailed schedule will be sent out mid November with shifts detailing required arrival, expected start and approximate finish times…we do a run order of the show but split it into shifts for ease of management. Your child will not have to be there all day but just for their shift. The production will run its order but we will break at allotted times to allow new shifts in and out. Attendance is compulsory for all students (EXCEPT as previously stated for some of our Ballet & Creative Dance, Pre Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet students. We will specify exactly which of these younger classes we require for the Dress Rehearsal by late November).

(c) STAGE REHEARSAL – compulsory
On concert days 10th and 11th December, prior to our first performance, we will rehearse SOME CAST MEMBERS of our 1:00pm show. A rehearsal schedule which is expected to start at 8:15am and finish at 12:40pm will be broadcast in our concert newsletter late November. This schedule will NOT reflect the production running order. Only selected performers will be asked to rehearse at this time in their regular dance uniforms. (Only if selected, will selected Pre Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet students be scheduled in towards the end of this rehearsal time on stage).

MANLY: Saturday 10th December, sessions at 1.00pm and 5.00pm
ST IVES: Sunday 11th December, sessions at 1.00pm and 5.00pm
Venue is Glen Street Theatre, Corner Glen Street & Blackbutts Road, Belrose.
Each show is expected to run for approx. 2.5 hours including a 15 minute interval. We will be allocating the Pre School Ballet & Creative Dance, Pre Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet students into one concert only and will confirm these casts in the concert allocation chart.

Tickets for the concerts can only be bought through Glen Street Theatre and as follows:
ONLINE, PHONE & COUNTER SALES from 10.00am Tuesday 15th November
Online: https://www.glenstreet.com.au/whats
Over the phone call 02 9975 1455
In person at the Box Office of Glen Street Theatre, Corner Glen Street & Blackbutts Road, Belrose BOX OFFICE hours: 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 1 hour prior to performances.

Please note, when booking tickets online you will automatically be allocated the best available seating. If you wish to select specific seats, please book over the phone or counter. Glen Street Theatre tickets sales are final and surcharges apply when reversing transactions or changing bookings as per their terms and conditions.
TICKET PRICES: adults $40.00, children (under 14 years) $30.00, Children under 2 years FREE. All prices include GST.

A concert newsletter containing all the necessary info and details will follow late November. Please note that Pre-School Ballet & Creative Dance, Pre Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet will perform in ONE concert only on concert day. Also note that all Pre-school ballet students are required to wear Ballet shoes in the concert.

A concert costume(s) hire fee has been added to your term 4 invoice.

We will be trialling posting concert news and notices via our Family Portal this year. We will notify all members when it is up and running soon. To access the Notices you will simply need to log in with your Username and Password.

Please be reminded that NO photography or videoing is allowed at any of our VLDA studios and concert theatre.

PHOTOS from the photo shoot days can be purchased or ordered at Glen Street Theatre on concert day.
You can also view and purchase the photos online at http://www.ppphotography.com.au/ after the event.
In addition there will also be live photo’s of the 5:00PM concert sessions only that will be available online a few days later. We stress that the live photos are random shots and may not always include your daughter or son. We highly recommended you attend our photo shoot day to secure some great memorable moments of their childhood.

DVD’s are produced by Roger Ellison from Video Media. Order forms will be available at the Theatre on concert day. All orders and payments must be directed to Video Media. Contacts: email: or call 02 9972 7457.
Video Media’s DVD’s are: recorded with High Definition Cameras, professionally edited, quickly completed (in time to wrap up as a gift), professionally shot and carefully edited with titles and chapters for each dance.

Please be reminded that for your child to continue dancing at VLDA in 2017 you will need to fill out a new enrolment form at the beginning 2017. ALL VLDA students must do this to ensure they are in the classes of their choice. Our 2017 timetable will be finalised after the concert late December/early January. Please do not forget to enrol your child anew as we would hate them to miss out on the classes of their choice. The enrolment is valid for one calendar year eliminating the need to re-enrol for the following terms. Should you wish to cancel however it is essential you do so in writing before the conclusion of the current term or a cancellation fee may apply.
PRE-SCHOOL BALLET & CREATIVE DANCE: upon request of the parents of this popular program re-enrolments are taken NOW to secure a place. As always, these classes book up very quickly.

In case you are not able to return in 2017 please let us know well in advance as quite often numbers are a deciding factor in the timetable planning process.

Please be reminded that NO photography or videoing is allowed at any of our VLDA studios/venues except by our VLDA staff. Please appreciate that both teachers, fellow students and other parents may find it inappropriate. We have a duty of care regarding this matter and we need to ensure this does not happen unless consent from parents and staff has been given.

We have been delighted with all the positive feedback we receive from parents, students and staff. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful committed teaching team. The positive and dynamic atmosphere in all classes is a testament to this. Many thanks to all who contribute to the success of our flourishing Dance Academy and we wish everyone a terrific term. We are very much looking forward to getting everyone together on concert day!

Kind regards to all from the VLDA Team