It is with great excitement that we provide all VLDA students and their friends with our fantastic Summer Dance program! We welcome all students old and new to this brilliant program of dance. Choose one or as many dance styles as you want! Each holiday class is 1 hour long. Our dynamic teaching trio of Miss Jen Bels, Miss Sarah Williams and Miss Emma Bathgate-Petersen will teach the holiday students in fun and action packed classes. To get to know our staff click here.


  • 6-9 year olds on Thursday 19th and Monday 23rd Jan 2012
  • 10-16 year olds on Friday 20th and Tuesday 24th Jan 2012


Village Green Scout Hall, Memorial Avenue, St Ives (opposite Woolworths)


Download and complete this form and hand it to your teacher 10 minutes prior to the start of your selected class. Payment is to be made in a separate sealed envelope by cheque or cash (correct change only).
Note: Do not send your form to our office. Take it with you on the day of the event.
By enrolling into our Holiday Dance Program you agree to its terms and conditions.


A refillable water bottle. If children are staying for multiple classes pack healthy snacks for the 10 minute breaks between classes and the 30 minute lunch break.


Stretch, Limber and Classical Ballet. Taught by Miss Sarah, these classes will be fun for students who already do ballet or for those just beginning. The most disciplined and structured dance style, classical ballet is a wonderful base for learning all dance styles because of the strength and alignment that can be achieved from learning its technique. Strength and flexibility, poise and discipline, artistry and grace are just some of the qualities that can be attained from the correct teaching of this superb dance style. Have bare feet for Stretch and Limber and bring ballet shoes if you have them for Ballet (otherwise bring a pair of socks). Have hair tied back neatly off your face in a bun or pony tail.

Contemporary. Taught by Miss Sarah, this wonderful dance style danced to Contemporary music will see you dancing lying down on the floor and up in the air! Various different techniques of Contemporary dance exist, all having been established in the 20th century (eg. Graham, Cunningham and Limon technique etc). VLDA teaches an amalgamation of many of these techniques drawing on the rich heritage of them and exploring the many and varied ways one can feel and express through Contemporary dance movement. Challenging and always evolving, Contemporary dance stretches boundaries in movement and is an exciting and innovative style of dance. Have bare feet and wear form fitting clothes, knees covered. Have your hair tied neatly off your face.

Lyrical. Taught by Miss Emma, Lyrical combines the techniques of Ballet and Jazz. Learning control, strength, grace and fluidity through dancing, it is often danced to balled music. Wear comfortable clothes and have bare feet.

Jazz. Taught by Miss Emma, Jazz is a fun and upbeat style of dance that adheres to strong Jazz technique and is danced to the rhythms of popular music. Energetic and challenging it is a wonderful and expressive dance style. Bring Jazz shoes if you have them (or just bare feet) and wear form fitting clothes, knees to be covered.

Musical Theatre. Taught by Miss Emma, these classes will bring characters to life! Often a stylized form of Jazz combined with acting to create an entertaining performance. It can be seen in stage shows such as Mary Poppins, Fame and Wicked. Bring Jazz shoes if you have them (or just bare feet). Wear form fitting clothes, knees to be covered

Tap. Taught by Miss Jen, various tap styles will be explored. From Fred Astaire’s style to that of the ‘Tap Dogs’ this dynamic dance style creates the music and dance through the dancers shoes. Bring tap shoes if you have them or just bring a pair of sneakers or your school shoes!

Hip Hop. Taught by Miss Jen, Hip Hop will be high energy fun! Hip Hop culture has emerged from Black and Latin America and is enjoying popularity through its music and distinctive dance style. Breaking, locking, popping and krumping are just some of the moves you can enjoy learning in this very energetic and cutting edge dance style. Wear baggy clothes preferably. A baggy T-shirt or jacket and pants that cover your knees. Wear sneakers or street shoes.

Partnering. Taught by Miss Emma and Miss Jen, Partnering will be a fun class where you will learn some great moves with a partner. Bring a friend or team up with some one new in the class to learn some professional tricks in partnering. Wear form fitting clothes, knees covered and have bare feet. Have hair tied back neatly off your face.

Break dancing. Taught by Miss Jen, Break dancing is a fun and part of Hip hop culture and street dance. Wear baggy clothes preferably. A baggy T-shirt or jacket and pants that cover your knees. Wear sneakers or street shoes.